7 Myths About Toothaches

7 Myths about Toothaches

July 2016

7 Myths About Toothaches Myth 1

Before modern medicine there was not much you could do about a toothache. However, the pain is not something to be ignored. With access to the internet it is important that we can separate fact from fiction. Knowing what to believe about toothaches can help us make a logical decision about our oral health care. We have decided to help you tackle 7 misconceptions about toothaches:

MYTH 1: A toothache means that I have a cavity.

Many times a toothache can be caused by a cavity or early decay. However, this is not always the case. Other causes could be from grinding, a fracture, nerve problems, your bite, a chip or a crack. Wisdom Teeth is also a common toothache that typically occurs between the ages of 17-25 years old. Many times the Wisdom Teeth are impacted which can lead to headaches, mouth pain and even infection.

MYTH 2: If the pain goes away, then the problem went away.

Many times people try to treat the symptom of pain instead of the reason why the pain exists. Pain is what occurs when the body tells us that there is something wrong. If left untreated in the mouth, it can lead to a more serious issue such as heart trouble.

7 Myths About Toothaches Myth 2

MYTH 3: A Toothache is common and typical, I just need to use the other side of my mouth when chewing.

A toothache is a warning that there is an issue and should not be disregarded. The longer you ignore a toothache the worse the problem may get. If it is from deterioration in a tooth, the tooth could begin to decay rapidly. If caused from nerve pain it could cause the root of the nerve to die, which at that point makes the tooth useless.

MYTH 4: If your tooth hurts, you should put aspirin on it.

Aspirin is known to relieve pain, if taken correctly. That means swallowing it with water. Aspirin is not topical and should not be used in this form, it has to be ingested. Failing to listen to this can result in burns on you gum, mouth or tongue. The burns can be painful, while taking four to five days to heal!

7 Myths About Toothaches Myth 3

MYTH 5: If you have a toothache, this means that it needs to be pulled.

Wrong, this may have been true a very long time ago. However, with modern medicine we have new remedies that can solve the issue. For example, root-canal therapy is used to treat an abscessed tooth. If the root-canal therapy fails, then we begin to look at other options such as dental implants. It is always best to talk to your Dentist or Oral Surgeon about the best treatment plan for you. Ever person is different and may not need the same treatment that a friend or family member underwent.

MYTH 6: Using oil of Cloves.

This does not cure the underlying cause of tooth pain. It can merely distract you from the current pain. It simply numbs the nerve temporarily. However, if looking for some relief make sure that you are only putting it on the tooth and not the gums! Putting it on the gums can cause your gums to burns. And ingesting too much can lead to poisoning. It is always recommended that you see a Doctor instead.

7 Myths About Toothaches Myth 4

MYTH 7: My teeth hurt because I need to be using sensitive toothpaste.

Just because your teeth react to hot or cold foods and drinks does not mean that sensitive toothpaste will solve your issue on a long term basis. Sensitive toothpaste is not going to fix the actual cause of the aching. You need to seek dental advice from a Dentist to find out what might be causing the underlying issues.

If you or someone you know is suffering for pain related to the mouth, teeth or gums, have them seek advice from a Dentist or Oral Surgeon. It is important that people monitor oral hygiene and that they are taking the symptoms seriously when it comes to oral health.



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