Best Gifts to Buy for Your Oral Healthy Self.

November 2016

With all the stress of the holiday, the sugar that comes along with it and the yummy wine you will be consuming it might be a good idea to gift yourself the gift of Oral Health care. We want to make sure that you prevent future dental and health problems. So we picked out a couple options and gift ideas for you.

An Electric Toothbrush:

Best Gifts to Buy for Your Oral Healthy Self.

Less Work – Electric toothbrushes tend to clean your pearly whites by removing plaque and gingivitis better than a manual one.

Time is of the Essence- Using an electric toothbrush typically means that there will be a built in timer. The brush will stop when 2 minutes is up. Making sure that you get exactly the recommended dose of brushing

Easy- You don’t need to know all the fancy brushing techniques like you do with a manual toothbrush. All you need to know is what a 45 degree angle is.

electric tooth flosser

Dental Water Flosser:

Don’t like flossing? It is still important! Try using a Water Flosser, it uses water to clean between your teeth. It is easy, fast and effective! Although it doesn’t replace good old fashion flossing it is a good option for the person who just never floss.

packs of chewing gum

Sugar Free Gum –


Not only is it cheap, but it helps reduce acidity levels in the mouth after a meal. Especially for the person is not able to brush after each meal.

Zollipops- Could be a great candy for the stocking.


These are sold at Costco. They are The Clean Teeth Pops and come in an assortment of flavors. You can read about the candy here – 

Some of these are simple and cheap. Some of these are bigger ticket items. What is important to remember is the prevention is the key to making sure future dental problems do not occur. Even more important during these sugary holidays and seasons.