It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

December 2016


This weekend will be the sight of snow. Which some of us hate, and some of us love. Playing tribute to this weather many of us will be playing a variety of Holiday and Christmas music. Although, the holiday season brings joy, happiness, love, friendship and so much more. It is also a culprit of:

  1. The winter season, affecting the sensitivity of your teeth. This can be even harder to manage during the Holiday season. Many of the recommendations for this issue include hygiene and dietary habits.

  2. The sweets season, affecting the sugar and enamel of your teeth. Tis the season for candy, drinking, desserts and more. Holiday parties with sugary treats laid out with pies, cookies, and fudge. It’s okay to have some, but just be mindful.

  3. The photo season, affecting your self-consciousness to your appearance and smile. Missing teeth? Messed up smile? Improving your smile can improve your confidence. Especially for the family paparazzi.

  4. The gifting season, affecting your wallet. We recommend an Oral Healthy gift. Even if it’s in the stocking. Whether, you are giving everyone a new tooth brush or sugar free gum in their stocking. It’ll be a gift you know will get used and help them smile brighter. Unlike the keychain you found that you thought looked like “Grumpy Cat”.


Although you may hate it, you may love it. It is still the seasons for it. Remembering to always be oral healthy conscious, even during the holidays can save you from oral surgery down the road. So, stay away from the candy canes, and bundle up. Winter is officially here.