What Does the Way You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Say About You?

August 2016

You squeeze it; I squeeze it, though we may squeeze it differently. Relationships have ended because of it; families have argued over it, tools were invented for it. We all need it, we hopefully all use it, but we might not all store it the same. We are talking about your toothpaste. We have a few types of people in this world. What type of person are you? Find out if your squeeze style matches your personality.

The “Up-Tight” Squeezer

tube of toothpaste

This is the perfectionist. You only squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom and may even use a special tool. Typically having a Type A personality. Type A people are individuals who are workaholic, highly stressed, extremely ambitious, and particularly rigid in their attitudes. You are an all or nothing type of person. You are a goal oriented person with high goals which need to be accomplished. If you fail to accomplish them you may be too hard on yourself. To a perfectionist, anything that’s less than perfect is unacceptable. You have a very specific manner in which things should be done. People usually don’t understand you because you are so specific about things. Some people may find it hard to live or work with you.  You have a keen eye for error, which you can spot a mile away.  You tend to not get along with the “Free-Style” squeezer.

The “Meet You in the Middle” Squeezer

image of toothpaste and toothbrush

This is the “Go with the Flow” person. They can adapt to any toothpaste squeezing method because they aren’t affected by it. They tend to be Type B personalities. Type B individuals are calm and have an easy-going attitude. Although you have an opposite personality as the “Up-Tight” squeezer you can actually live quite nicely together. You have complete lack of urgency, with procrastination being your middle name. You enjoy socializing and have many friends due to your cheerful nature. You may even be a little artistic in your free time. You were born with patience and a lack of drive for competition. However, you let your heart rule your head letting you love others around you. You can get along with both the “Up-Tight” and the “Free-Style” squeezer.

The “Free-Style” Squeezer

image of tube of toothpaste

This is the Free Spirit. You’ll squeeze anywhere that lets toothpaste flow onto your brush. Anything that makes you feel restricted can make you feel like shutting down. You hate repetition in every life and adapt easily to change. You have a hard time deciding what you really think and need a partner who has similar characteristics. Daydreaming is your middle name. You let your emotions control you. It is not in your nature to be judgmental. You love to experience life and will often dance your way into a new adventure. Beware; you’ll drive the “Up-Tight” squeezer crazy.