Losing your teeth was an expected rite of passage while you were growing up, but losing your teeth when you’re older becomes a much more serious matter, one that can’t be handled by the tooth fairy alone. At Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we want to help you remedy your missing teeth. Not only that, we also want to stress the importance of tooth replacement for addressing any gaps you may have in your smile and the rest of your mouth.

Reasons for Losing Teeth

Some of the reasons you may lose your teeth include:

  • Fall, sports injury, accident or a similar incident
  • Gum disease/tooth decay
  • Cancer, autoimmune issues, diabetes and other serious illnesses

Know that there’s much more to think about with missing teeth than the embarrassment you may feel while revealing gaps in your mouth; you also have to think about your overall oral health. Ready to learn more?

effects of missing teeth

Tooth Displacement

When you have teeth missing, the adjacent teeth can start to ease into the vacant space. Your teeth are supposed to be in a specific positioning, and displacement can make it harder for you to clean them, and there’s also a risk of avoidable gum disease.

Bone Loss

Besides helping you chew and enjoy your food, your teeth also help stimulate your jaw bone. Much like your muscles can start to atrophy if you don’t use them, the same applies to your jaw bone if you have missing teeth.

Problems Chewing

Just like your bike needs all the links in the chain to keep it (and you) going, the same applies to the teeth in your mouth when it comes to chewing. Missing teeth can mean you can no longer bite and grind up your favorite foods like you once could, which can take a great deal of enjoyment out of eating.

Is It Time for Tooth Replacement?

If you feel you’re ready for dental implant surgery or temporary tooth, Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is here. Submit a Contact Us form to schedule a consultation.