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Surgical specialists, like those at Summit OMS, can perform specific operations that keep you comfortable and healthy. The first step in knowing how to choose a surgeon is deciding which type of surgeon you need. You may require a cosmetic surgeon if you want to achieve a specific look or smile with procedures such as brow lifting, face lifts or otoplasty. There are some important steps to take when picking a cosmetic surgeon.

how to choose a cosmetic surgeon that is right for you

Ask for Recommendations

Use the network of people you know to find the right cosmetic surgeon for you. One place to start is with family members who have undergone similar operations or have also used cosmetic surgeons. These people will know a little about how to choose a surgeon as they have been through the experience before. Reach out to friends as well and see if they or anyone they know have a cosmetic surgeon they recommend. During these conversations, ask why they selected the particular surgeon and if they are happy with the outcome.

Another resource to help you find a surgeon is your insurance company. Ask your insurance which cosmetic surgeons they cover and include these names on the list you developed through conversation with friends and family. A final avenue for gathering recommendations is through medical professionals. Ask your dentist if he or she knows any oral surgeons who also specialize in cosmetic surgery. Using both personal and professional connections, you can develop a well-rounded list of recommendations and build up a sense of how to choose a surgeon to take care of your needs.

Narrow Down the List

An important step for narrowing down the list is verifying the credentials of a surgeon. Practicing cosmetic surgeons must be licensed by the state in which they practice, and often have a board certification in plastic surgery along with a Doctor of Medicine degree. You can also check the American Board of Medical Specialties for specialist certifications. This certification verifies that they obtained the necessary skills and education to practice as a surgeon specialist.

Another important factor to consider is location. Some procedures require anesthesia or inpatient care. When this is the case, you need to think realistically about transportation and lodging logistics. Is it possible for you to undergo an operation in a different city? Or do you need a surgeon who is located near your home? Researching different surgeons and their localities early on allows you to make alternative transportation arrangements if necessary.

Schedule a Consultation

After gathering recommendations and verifying certifications, go ahead and schedule a consultation with several cosmetic surgeons. A consultation does not necessarily mean you are scheduling an operation. It is a chance to meet a surgeon and put a name to the face, as well as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Some questions you may ask include the following:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • How familiar are you with this procedure?
  • What are the risks?
  • Will this be an inpatient or outpatient operation?
  • What does follow-up care look like?
  • Do you accept payment plans?

Consider visiting cosmetic surgery clinics as well to learn more about a specific cosmetic surgery group. It is important to feel comfortable during a visit. This conversation is also an opportunity to clear up any confusion you may have about the education and credentials of a particular surgeon. When a surgeon meets you and listens to what you wish for the procedure to achieve, he or she can state if they have the necessary skills to perform the procedure. If the surgeon does not feel he or she can meet your requirements, this is a good time to ask for other surgical recommendations.

Cosmetic procedures at Summit OMS include facial fillers to eliminate frown lines and rhinoplasty to adjust nose shape, among many other options. The licensed professionals are ready to listen to your cosmetic surgery goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Learn more about cosmetic surgery in Warren and other oral surgeon service offerings by calling or contacting Summit OMS online. We hope this guide on how to choose a surgeon that is right for you helps in your cosmetic journey.