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If you’re like most people, you have some parts of your body with which you are dissatisfied or which you would like to change. Achieving these modifications through cosmetic surgery may help you to adopt a more positive attitude toward your outward looks and improve your self-confidence. Some of the most common types of cosmetic surgery are performed on the face by maxillofacial surgeons such as the cosmetic surgeons on staff at Summit OMS.

Important Differences Between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

The most common types of cosmetic surgery

Both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery can be considered sub-specialties of the broader field of plastic surgery. The difference lies in the reasons that they are performed.

The purpose of reconstructive surgery is to correct an abnormality of appearance and/or function in a particular body part. Some abnormalities are caused by birth defects, while others are acquired later because of a medical condition or from trauma. Examples include correction of a cleft palate, reconstruction following cancer removal, and skin grafting for burn victims. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is not performed to correct a defect or improve function. Its purpose is to enhance the appearance of a body part that otherwise looks and performs normally.

There are some procedures that, depending on the circumstances under which they are performed, may be either reconstructive or cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery is often considered medically necessarily, meaning that insurance will cover it. However, cosmetic surgery is elective, meaning that you will likely need to pay for it out of your own pocket.

Cosmetic Procedures Most Commonly Performed on the Face

Face cosmetic surgery accounts for many of the procedures performed most often, which include the following.

  •  Blepharoplasty: Some people are unhappy with the size and shape of their eyelids. Additionally, the skin of the eyelid can start sagging with age. Blepharoplasty removes excess skin of the eyelids to correct these issues, and it may be considered medically necessary if the sagging skin of the eyelid interferes with vision.
  •  Browlift:
    Eyebrows can also become droopy over time. A browlift is performed to improve this, as well as reducing wrinkles of the forehead.
  •  Facelift: One of the most well-known and most common types of cosmetic surgery, a facelift is performed on loose skin around the neck and face, providing a tighter appearance.
  •  Liposuction: The chin, cheeks, or neck can carry excess fat, and liposuction is performed to remove it.
  •  Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is performed on the nose in order to change its shape and/or size. It can also be performed to address breathing issues.
  •  Otoplasty: Some people have ears that protrude further from their heads than others. Otoplasty seeks to reverse this by reshaping the cartilage of the ears.
  •  Skin Surface Procedures: These include procedures such as dermabrasion, laser treatment, or chemical peels to correct issues like wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, acne scars, age spots, crow’s feet, and other issues that affect skin’s texture and coloration.
  • Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures for the Face

    Not every issue can be treated with surgery, and operative procedures aren’t right for everyone. There are other, nonsurgical treatments that may be used to improve the appearance of your face. Often, these take the form of injectables, such as facial fillers or Botox. These injectables are each intended to reduce wrinkles, but they work in different ways. A facial filler is a gel-like substance that is injected into the face to enhance facial contours and restore lost volume, softening creases and smoothing lines in the process. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing muscles in your face so that they do not contract and form wrinkles.

    If you decide to have a surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic procedure done, it is important to receive treatment only from a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. Summit OMS is an accredited clinic of cosmetic surgery. Contact us for more information about the services we perform.