plastic surgeons in michiganMost people have at least one feature about their bodies that they would change if they could. Some people feel more motivated to go through with these changes than others. When they do, looking up searches for a plastic surgeon near me is one of the go-to methods to get an idea of what to expect in terms of available professionals and the different procedures available.

What Plastic Surgery Is

Unfortunately, many people mistake the word “plastic” as synonymous with fake when it comes to surgery. The word actually stems from “plastikos.” This Greek word refers to the ability to mold a substance and transform it into a new form or shape. Cosmetic surgery exists for this specific purpose.
In some cases, plastic surgery is non-invasive and involves only needles and a procedure that might take several minutes. Invasive surgeries tend to use more involved equipment that goes beyond the skin to adjust not just muscles, but also bone in some instances.

Why People Choose Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery often inspires ideas of celebrities and models who spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures. However, the pursuit of idealized beauty is not the only reason patients seek out plastic surgery near me services.

For some people, plastic surgeons in Michigan provide them with the opportunity to reclaim health or pursue a normal life. This is especially common when the deformities are clearly visible, such as when it affects a person’s facial features.

1. Facial Trauma

Domestic abuse, car accidents and sports injuries are just some of the many reasons children and adults suffer from facial trauma. This might lead to broken noses and smashed teeth. Facial reconstruction is often the only way people can reclaim some semblance of the normal lives they previously enjoyed.

2. Birth Deformities

One study suggests that one of every 33 babies in America suffer from deformities. Sometimes these deformities are minimal. Other times, they might attract bullying from other children, make it difficult for adults to form healthy social relationships or even affect personal health. Maxillofacial surgery might correct these deformities.

3. Weight Loss

plastic surgeon near meWhen people feel motivated to take their health into their own hands, weight loss usually sits at the top of the to-do list. Eating healthy and exercising regularly soon causes the pounds to fall right off. Gastric bypass surgery also causes rapid weight loss. The skin might then begin to sag, undoing the motivation people felt when they began. However, there are procedures to tuck that skin away, even in the face.

4. Aging

Looking older is a natural part of growing older, but people do not all age at the same rate. Some people look youthful well into their later years. Seeing them often motivates others to look up plastic surgeries near me results. People who are in the spotlight or who simply want to reclaim some lost years have a wealth of surgeries to choose from that visibly turn back the hands of time and helps them regain some lost years.

5. Profession

Some industries have strict requirements or preferences when it comes to physical features. When persons want to get into these careers or progress, they might turn to cosmetic surgery to improve their chances. Professionals who spend a lot of time in the public eye or before the camera fall into this category, such as models, actors, news anchors and musicians.

Common Types of Facial Surgeries

There are many different types of facial surgeries that patients rely on to improve their physical or even mental health. While you might be able to guess many of the most common facial cosmetic surgeries, some might surprise you — as might the reasons people choose them.

The list below by no means details all the maxillofacial surgical procedures we perform at Summit OMS. Nevertheless, it provides a starting point.

1. Blepharoplasty

When eyelids begin to sag, two things happen. The person begins to look older and the skin might eventually begin to obstruct vision. Patients who seek out eyelid reshaping do so to resolve one or both of these situations. In 2009, a study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine also identified this as the most common type of cosmetic surgery in Asia.

2. Rhytidectomy

As people age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. However, the eyes are not the only areas of the face affected. To restore the youthful appearance of the face, many people rely on rhytidectomy to remove the excess skin from the neck, jawline and chin.

3. Liposuction

Patients commonly request liposuction for weight loss areas that are difficult to tackle such as the tummy and waist. However, the face can retain fatty tissue as well. Doctors often perform procedures to remove that fatty tissue, primarily from the cheeks and neck.

4. Rhinoplasty

The nose is one facial feature many people try to change to create more facial symmetry. More often than not, the attempt involves decreasing the size of the nose. It is also worth noting that some people require rhinoplasty to improve breathing if they have a deviated septum.

The Qualifying Doctors

Unfortunately, many people feel so pressured to change their physical appearances as cheaply as possible that they fall prey to false promises. Not all doctors have received the proper training to conduct surgery of any kind, let alone cosmetic surgery, which requires exceptional knowledge of muscle, skin and how the body heals.

Always choose a doctor who received certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgeons who carry the board-certified title generally meet all the necessary requirements. They already practiced plastic surgery for two years, completed three years of general surgery and finished five years of medical school at the graduate level.

We go a step beyond this to ensure our team of doctors all completed at least six years of surgical practice after completing an accredited medical education program. This equips our doctors with the necessary skills to resolve issues ranging from toothaches to jaw bone fractures.

Why Choose Summit OMS

Many people begin their oral health journey with ambitious goals. This is an excellent starting point, but as illustrated above, there are many instances when regular oral procedures might not be enough to restore or preserve health.

Instead of forcing our patients to then seek out a second team of doctors to meet their needs, we provide all services under one roof. Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or want to shave off a few years, you’ve come to the right place.

Because we provide this combination of services, we are in a much better position to advise patients who have a goal but might not know the right procedures. For example, some people might want to look younger. There are both dental and cosmetic procedures that can create a more youthful appearance and they work best when combined.

Our doctors also remain committed to gaining experience outside of the office. We give back to our surrounding communities by participating in Donated Dental and operating pop-up clinics. This additional experience further equips our doctors with a better understanding of why people delay dental treatments and how to put people at ease.

Visit our office to experience a relaxing approach to dentistry that puts your needs and preferences first. Don’t waste another second on plastic surgeon near me searches, contact Summit OMS for more information today or to schedule your appointment.