Regular Examinations Can Spot Possible Issues With Wisdom Teeth

At Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we understand that your time and comfort are important to you. We value your time by using efficient, simple examination procedures and can provide you with oral comfort if your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or issue. Visit our wisdom teeth extraction clinic in Clinton Township, MI, and we will work around your schedule.

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The Issue of “Third Molars”

Your third set of molars are called wisdom teeth because they appear during human maturity. If there is room for them, they erupt without issue. However, any of the following can occur if there isn’t enough room and these teeth take a wrong turn.

• Crowding
• Infection
• Cyst formation
• Damage to nearby teeth

What to Expect During and After Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of those procedures that typically happens just once in a person’s lifetime. That means you might not know what to expect when you walk into our Clinton Township office. The most important part of the procedure to understand is that the amount of sedatives and painkillers used means you must have a driver at least 18 years old who can take you home. Here are some of the tips you’ll be given for post-extraction recovery.

• Stay elevated
• Change gauze every 30 to 40 minutes
• Stay hydrated
• Avoid solid foods
• Ice is your best friend

Stages of Recovery

Even after the post-operative pain is gone, there are small recovery milestones you will experience over the next few weeks. Over a period of five days, your stiches will dissolve which means you don’t have to come back to have them removed. Finally, the socket left after removing your tooth leaves a hole that will fill up over four to six weeks.

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