One of the biggest confidence boosters is having a great smile, but you have to make sure you take excellent care of all your teeth, not just the ones you reveal when you smile. Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is committed to giving you a great smile and great oral health in general. Problems with your third molar teeth, also known as your wisdom teeth, can dim the brightness of your smile a bit, so allow us to educate you on some of the problems you may have with your back set of teeth to keep you grinning from ear to ear.

wisdom teeth problems


Those who have what’s known as periodontal disease may experience infected wisdom teeth, which might require third molar removal. Reasons for infection include:

● Bacteria
● Debris
● Food

Any of these can become lodged in the teeth so that they can’t be removed through brushing. What’s more is your teeth might be crowding, which can also make your teeth more difficult to fully clean.

Dentigerous Cyst

It’s possible that a cyst could develop due to an impacted third molar. One of the biggest problems with a dentigerous cyst is the fact that you may not know you have one until it’s started damaging your teeth. Besides removing the third molar, the issue could require a root canal as well as bone grafting.

Pathologic Fracture

It’s always best to take care of molar infections as soon as you learn about them. Refusing extraction can eventually lead to the infection worsening and what’s known as a pathologic fracture in your jaw, which may require much more than a simple extraction.

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