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Providing the finest quality oral and maxillofacial services to the communities we serve in a safe, relaxed and caring environment.

Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is accredited to maximize the safety and quality of your surgical care.

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Oral and Maxillofacial procedures focus on resolving issues with tooth, mouth, jaw, and facial structures. Select any of the procedures below to learn more about the services we offer at Summit OMS.

Wisdom Teeth

We are committed to providing our patients with a comfortable, painless wisdom teeth removal experience. We can identify present or potential problems.

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Dental Implants

With dental implants, missing teeth can be replaced in a way that restores your smile. We use the newest technology to offer high-quality care that saves time and money!

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Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth extracted in adulthood is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Modern anesthesia allows tooth extraction to be painless. Don't wait if you feel pain!

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Bone Grafting

Decreased jaw bone density occurs naturally as you age. It's important to keep an eye on your bone density and receive bone grafting procedures when necessary.

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Facial Reconstruction

If you have undergone facial trauma from an accident or illness, facial reconstruction surgery can restore your appearance and make eating and speaking comfortable again.

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Oral Pathology

Certain symptoms in the mouth and jaw can indicate the existence of serious diseases. The Summit Oral surgeons can examine these problems to find the cause and determine proper treatment.

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Sleep Apnea

People with obstructive sleep apnea have disrupted sleep and low blood oxygen levels. The first step in treatment involves recognizing the symptoms and seeking appropriate help.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Experience cosmetic surgery by highly-trained professionals in a hospital-quality setting to improve your confidence, from recovering worry lines to restructuring the nasal passage.

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Our Doctors

Meet the highly-trained team of surgical professionals dedicated to providing an exceptional oral and maxillofacial experience.

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    To provide the finest quality oral and maxillofacial services to the communities we serve in a pleasant and caring environment.