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At Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our mission is to provide the finest quality oral and maxillofacial services to the communities we serve in a safe, relaxed, and caring environment. Searching for oral surgery in the Grosse Pointe/Detroit area? Summit OMS has an office specifically for you.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS)

Good oral health goes beyond preventing tooth decay. Many patients require more specialized care. Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) refers to dental procedures for the jaw, soft tissues of the mouth and teeth:

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Cosmetic surgery (nose surgery, facelifts, etc.)
  • Surgery to remove broken teeth or roots
  • Dental implants
  • Removal of tumors or cysts in the mouth
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Jaw surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Grosse Pointe and Detroit, Michigan

If you’ve had problems with your wisdom teeth in the past, you’re not alone. Countless men and women, teens and adults, experience pain and infections because of the rear molars. We’re specialists in wisdom tooth removal in Grosse Pointe and Detroit, Michigan. Each procedure is customized to the needs and lifestyle of patients, including IV sedation if desired.

Dental Implants

Restoring missing teeth with dental implants offers benefits for your comfort, speech and self-confidence. They support oral health and help prevent bone loss. Carefully crafted implants can restore the complete smile of your dreams. We can make a digital impression for dental implants in Grosse Pointe/Detroit, Michigan, on your very first visit. We also have specialized dental implants for seniors.

Tooth Extractions

Choosing dental professionals for tooth extractions is important because the way the procedure is handled makes a huge difference for your comfort level and your long-term dental health. Extraction is used to remove injured, infected or overcrowded teeth, sometimes with surgery. Our caring, experienced dentists are gentle with patients of every age, which can help with a faster recovery.

Jaw Surgery

Some jaw issues have a genetic component, such as severe overbite or underbite. Other times, jaw fractures and misalignment happen because of injuries. If you feel persistent pain, discomfort or embarrassment because of jaw problems, corrective jaw surgery can help. Scheduling oral surgery in Grosse Pointe, MI, can help improve chewing, speaking, breathing and other activities.

Cosmetic Surgery

At Summit OMS, we believe that you should have the freedom to live life the way you envision. This can include changing your appearance so what you see in the mirror always makes you smile. As certified professionals in cosmetic surgery, we can help you craft the appearance you desire:

  • BOTOX®
  • Brow lifts
  • Face lifts
  • Facial fillers
  • Facial liposuction
  • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)

With our expertise and high-quality work, you’re in excellent hands. Removing crow’s feet and deep wrinkles can make you look years younger. Some surgeries also help correct breathing problems.

Facial Reconstruction

When you or a loved one requires facial reconstruction surgery, it’s vital to choose OMS experts. Accidents or medical treatments can lead to complex trauma and scarring. Having a skilled, patient and caring team by your side can help you physically and emotionally. The goal of reconstructive surgery is to give you the appearance you love while helping you smile, talk and eat normally again.

Oral Pathology

There are many different oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease, oral ulcers, chronic throat soreness or other painful conditions. Oral pathology involves specialized care for these issues. We can help you find the relief you’ve been searching for, whether the solution is oral surgery or dental implants in Grosse Pointe/Detroit, Michigan.

Cone Beam CT Scans

Advanced scanning technologies help us diagnose complex oral health issues with greater precision. Cone beam CT scans are often used when traditional x-rays aren’t sufficient, such as for complex wisdom tooth removal in Grosse Pointe and Detroit, Michigan. CBCT scans combine state-of-the-art imaging software with a narrow beam that uses much less radiation than whole-body CT scans.

Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Reviews

“I was referred to this office for a tooth extraction. Everything about the experience was exceptional. Dr. Lerose explained everything and the tooth was out before I knew it. No pain. Highly recommend the facility, the staff and Dr Lerose.”
Robert T.